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Do you remember the news about obesity during pregnancy affecting children's IQ later in life from last week? If not, you here is a refresher Pregnant? Don't eat for two! Now, the latest news about that notorious "obesity epidemic" is that the American Academy of Pediatrics wants to ban ads for junk foods, which are certainly all over the United States at the moment!

The AAP is a watchdog that make recommendations relating to children's health. Along with other realities in the daily life of many children, like watching television for many hours a day, the AAP says that these junk food adverts "conspire" to make children fat. "Congress and the Federal Trade Commission have to get tough with the food industry," said Dr. Victor Strasburger from the AAP, who wrote the new policy statement in relation to junk food adverts. He added: "Thirty years ago, the federal government ruled that young children are psychologically defenseless against advertising. Now, kids see 5,000 to 10,000 food ads per year, most of them for junk food and fast food."

I certainly see some truths in this statement. My kids, whenever they see ads for McDonalds, want toys and fries straight away. I think the occasional meal of junk food does not do much harm, but many kids do seem to get addicted to these kinds of foods, and advertising, I think we can all agree, certainly plays a role in that. Whether it is a pregnant women having pregnancy cravings, a child, or someone who is busy and just wants a quick meal, fast food can be extremely appealing. I would love a world free of ads for these kinds of foods. I would love to send a healthier message to my children. How about you? How do you feel about the AAP's proposal?

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