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People who lived centuries ago seemed to know much more about the health benefits of the herbs, because they have been used in all civilizations in order to protect and cure people from all kinds of diseases. Nowadays, the herbs are used also in medicine, but more frequently in the cuisine. Famous professor from the School of Public Health said on many occasions that people who cook at home with fresh groceries have more tendencies to be healthy, and the reason is obvious - the herbs provide nutrients that a body requires in order to be healthy.


The favorite spices of American nation are salt and pepper, but it is only because these are the only spices that they have ever tried. That is not a good statement for the Americans, who have become number one nation in the obesity. The main reason for that is not recognizing the body’s needs. The Americans eat a lot of fried food and not enough cooked and row food. The body needs fresh food, because it is rich in nutrients, so, even if they have eaten one or more cheeseburgers, the body hasn’t received nutrients and wants more food. Due to that, the body is still hungry.

In the earlier times, a lot of mothers had gardens and grew vegetables and fruit, and it was a kind of hobby and a style of life. In that way, children received the nutrients that their body needed through the food. In modern and fast times, it is only a fake memory of the pleasant and peaceful life, because people usually have time only to drink a coffee and go off to work.

Do not be afraid to try out herbs. Certain herbs are best to use with certain vegetables; for example, if you and your family like to eat potatoes, supplements might be antioxidant oregano or garlic. We all know that garlic has antibiotic features and decreases the risk of heart disease. It can be a fun experimenting with different herbs, and why not, you can even try to grow them on the balcony. All you need to do is to take a few leaves of the herb and put them in the meal. You will be surprised how they smell and bring a whole new perspective on the cooking.

We sincerely recommend everyone to try it out, because not only does it build up the immunity, but it also tastes and smells great!

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