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The right approach to acne cure is to find out what iscausing them in the first place. Learn about the factors triggering your skinproblem and you will know how to deal with them. Sometimes, whatever we trydoesn’t work and doesn’t cure acne. That’s because we haven’t identified thecause of the problem and didn’t attack it specifically.

Know Acne Causes

Scientists have determined three main factors that can causeacne. These are hormonal imbalance, genetic sensitivity of the sebum glands tothis imbalance and also build up of some toxins. So, let’s starts with hormonalimbalance. Under some perfect circumstances, the amount of secreted hormones isideal. These hormones affect the sebum glands located in the skin, whichmaintain skin perfectly moisturized and elastic. Hormonal imbalance, however,causes overproduction of sebum glands and the skin becomes very oily. This is the same for every single teenager, all over the world, but manyof them don’t have acne.

Accumulation of the toxins is another factor, extremely importantfor development of acne. Everything we eat and drink and even the air we breathemay contain some toxic materials. Human body is designed to eliminate theseharmful substances, but our skin, liver, kidneys, lungs and colon can’t eliminateeverything. These substances tend to stay in the body and accumulate in theblood, lymph and other tissues in our body. Combination of these toxic buildupsand excess skin oil provides the perfect environment for many bacteria. Bacterialinfection causes acne redness, inflammation and puss. There is no point usingantibacterial products to treat acne if you don’t treat the underlying causes. Theseanti-bacterial creams and lotions can’t do anything against the excess oils andhormone imbalance, and that’s why your acne keeps coming back.

Yet another factor contributes to acne and that is genetic predisposition.Your body (more specifically sebum glands in the skin) needs to be sensitive tothe hormone imbalance and only then you will develop acne. If someone didn’t inheritthis third factor, he or she usually won’t get acne. It might be unfair but it’s what it is.

What Can’t Cause Acne?

There are many misconceptions about acne. Clogged pores,some specific acne bacteria or vitamin deficiencies can’t cause acne, claim theexperts. Eating wrong food is also not enough to be associated with thetroubles acne may cause. Some believe that a weak liver is guilty for acne, butthat’s not true. Stressed liver can contribute to hormonal imbalance but it is definitelynot the root cause of acne.

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