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Ovarian Cysts - Basic Information

Ovarian cysts are responsible for most ovulation problems,such as disordered or failed ovulation. Every month woman’s ovaries grow one smallcyst, and if there are some abnormal conditions, this cyst will grow and causethe problem. When the follicle can’t release the egg it starts to grow furtherand may lead to the formation of a functional ovarian cyst. Also, cyst can beformed when the egg is released but the place where it is released is closed. Inthat case, there is no formation of corpus luteum and the cyst grows bigger.

Over production of xenoestrogens caused by exposure to xenobioticsis considered to be one of the main causes of ovarian cysts. Exposure to some environmentalpollutants and substances known as xenobiotics may cause production ofsubstances which have similar effects as estrogen to the tissue in the humanorganism. These substances are called xenoestrogens. Xenobiotics don’t affectthe pregnant women, but may cause a dysfunction of the follicles in theovaries and also cause harm to the baby. Follicles can’t mature as they shouldand there is lack of progesterone secretion. All these changes become visiblewhen the child goes into puberty.

What Causes Ovarian Cysts and What’s the Treatment?

There are many causes and factors that might lead to theformation of ovarian cysts. Some other factors may not be the root cause of theproblem, but their mere presence can worsen the current medical condition. Cystsmay be caused by a combination of different mental, environmental and physicalfactors. Genetic predisposition is also one of the possible causes of thisproblem as well as hormonal imbalance, stress and use of steroid or antibioticdrugs. Various medical conditions and external factors combined may cause thesecysts, and since there are so many dimensions that tribute to the cause, thetreatment should target all of these aspects.

Conventional treatments are usually unable to deal with allthe causes of ovarian cysts, but holistic approach may be the solution for patientssuffering from this medical problem. Modern medicine knows how to treat the painand some other symptoms of the disease, but it doesn’t know how to preventa potential damage to the body. Many of the medications used to treat ovariancysts may cause serious health problems, including problems with the liver orthe kidneys.

Holistic therapy can treat the problem from its origin andalso prevent the reoccurrence of the same or similar health problems. Healthy dietand healthy lifestyle play an important part in the holistic medicine, butthese treatments do not include any medications or steroids that could harm thebody.

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