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Teenagers usually have problems with acne. These unpleasantto see and sometimes painful skin problems may significantly affect the youngperson and cause much suffering. Although this is a physical condition, acne canimpair the teenager on every possible level, leaving him or her sufferingsocially, emotionally and intellectually too. Problem may persist long afterthe acne scars have healed and the person may be changed for good with acne.

Acne may appear different on every skin and the most commonproblems are blackheads and whiteheads. In some cases, this skin problem mayaggravate and cause cysts, boils and fair amount of pain. The situation may bevery mild, moderate or severe and in most cases it affects the skin on theface. Other areas of the body known to be prone to acne are the chest and theback, but severe acne may spread all over the body. When it comes to gender, teenageboys are more likely to develop acne than teenage girls.

Causes of Acne in Teenagers

Different theories may explain the development of the acneon someone’s skin. Blocked hair follicles and bacteria around the follicles aresome of the most blamed causes. According to some other specialists, the most importantfactor which decided if you will or won’t have acne is genetics. Lack ofnutrients and lifestyle may also be considered as root causes of acne on the faceand body.

One thing is for sure – acne is not temporary condition and itwon’t go if you don’t do something about it. Antibiotic medications, OTCpreparations and creams may show some initial improvement, but these only dealwith the symptoms. Because of that, many times after the successful beginning andpositive response to the drugs, acne returns, sometimes even in the adult age.

Hormonal imbalance and overproduction of body’s own oil dueto hormonal problem are two of the factors that can cause acne in teenagers. Additionally,if there is high amount of toxins in the body and there is some kind of problemwith the removal of these substances, your face and/or body may start to developacne as well.

How to Solve Acne?

Fixing internal problems which are the cause of the acne is theonly way to get rid of acne for good. Conventional acne preparations usuallycontain antibiotics, steroids or benzoyl peroxide, but they won’t cure acne,just show some temporary improvement.

Holistic methods may solve root causes of acne and effectivelydeal with acne on the skin and therefore be the permanent solution you areafter.

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