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The one who has never had problems with acne is lucky, since it is a quite common skin disorder, which affects almost everyone. When there is some imbalance in our body, it islikely to manifest through the outbreak of acne. However, one should know thatno bacteria are responsible for the outbreak of acne but because acne bacterium justcauses the inflammation of the acne or the area around acne. Therefore, when weapply some medication on the acne, it tends to destroy the bacteria and inflammationdisappears, but the acne remains. For that reason, it is important to treat theacne from within.

Dermatologists define acne as an inflammatory skindisease, but the outbreak of acne depends on many factors such as oily skin, overactivesebum glands and blocked pores, along with acne bacteria and certain imbalancein the body which facilitates the occurrence of acne.

However, the outbreak of acne is not actually a skindisease, but a way or a symptom of the improper functioning of certain organs inour body. Therefore, it is crucial to restore the inner balance and not totreat the acne by various creams, lotions and antibiotics.

The usefulness of the acne bacteria

Acne bacteria thrive on everybody’s skin even whenthere is no acne, and their role is to destroy the other dangerous bacteria andto maintain the skin’s natural balance. Therefore, they are the skin’sguardians and they also ensure the elasticity of the skin. These bacteria feedon the perspiration and the oil obtained from the sebum glands.

As we can see, all of us have these beneficial bacteriaand not all of us have acne. Therefore, it can be concluded that acne bacteriaare friendly bacteria and that they are not responsible for the incidence ofacne. Acne appears due to many factors that are present at the same time as it explainedabove.

Conditions that assist acne

Acne tends to develop when there is hormonalimbalance in the body, which stimulates the sebum glands to secrete excessiveamounts of oil. Furthermore, this produced oil tends to mix with the toxins, which are not flushed out since the pores on the skin are blocked. When allthis happens, the acne bacteria start to overproduce and acne emerges.

Treatment for acne

When we apply some medication superficially on theskin, it only eliminates the bacteria but it does not eliminate the reasons why bacteria started to increase in amount. Therefore, restoring the innerhormonal balance and detoxification of the body are the best ways to treatacne successfully.

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