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For those who do not know, personality disorder is a termused for certain types of mental illnesses which can be characterized bytroubled relating and perceiving situations and people, including one’s self. Thereare a large number of different types of personality disorders. Those whosuffer from personality disorders actually suffer from unhealthy patterns ofbehaving and thinking and they usually experience various limitations when itcomes to school, work, social encounters and relationships. In some cases, thepersons actually do not even realize that they suffer from a personalitydisorder because they believe that their ways of thinking and behaving arequite normal. Often they blame others for all the challenges they need to putup with. There are numerous different types of treatment methods which can beused but they largely depend on the situation, severity and the type of the actualdisorder the person suffers from. All the social, medical and psychiatric needsof the patient need to be met in order to provide him or her with the bestpossible treatment method. Most cases of personality methods are chronic andmore often than not they require long term treatment plans. The team involvedin the treatment process of a person who suffers from some sort of personalitydisorder commonly involves social workers, family members, pharmacists,psychotherapists, psychiatrists, primary care providers and family doctors.Mild symptoms can easily be treated by a psychiatrist or a family doctor. Themost common treatment options for those who suffer from personality disordersinclude hospitalization, medications and psychotherapy.

Treatment Options

Severe cases of personality disorders usually requirepsychiatric hospitalization, mostly in cases when the patient is in danger ofharming oneself or others. There are also certain types of medicaments whichare commonly used for the treatment of different types of personalitydisorders, and those include antipsychotic medications, anti anxietymedications, mood stabilizing medications and antidepressant medications. Thesemedications are very helpful when it comes to dealing with psychosis, angerproblems, anxiety, insomnia, agitation, aggression, impulsivity, irritability,hopelessness, depressed moods and other similar problems. In some cases,certain types of these medications may be held responsible for increasing theimpulsive behavior. Psychotherapy is the most common and the most importanttype of treatment for those who suffer from different types of personalitydisorders. The most commonly used types of psychotherapy for the treatment ofpersonality disorders include psychoeducation, psychodynamic psychotherapy,dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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