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When the skin on the hands is chapped, that means that it is dry and very likely to crack, which could be very painful outcome. Whenever there is the significant depletion of the moisture in the skin, hence the skin is not nourished enough, the inevitable consequence is also the lack of elasticity, so therefore the skin becomes dry, rough, brittle and easy to be cracked.

Mostly because of the poor eating regime and the dangerous and aggressive environment, this skin problem is among the most common ones. For example, the exposure to the cold weather and the decreased production of the oil from the skin glands (which gradually happens through the time) in the elderly individuals, increase the possibility of suffering from this skin problem. However, the problem of the chapped skin on the hands is usually associated with the housewives whose hands are in the contact with the harmful and aggressive chemicals from the cleaning products, most of the time.

The condition is aggravated every time when the period of the drier climate conditions comes. Also, it can be worsened when the hands are washed too often, since that way the necessary oil is gradually extracted from the skin.

Fortunately, this problem is almost never the symptom of some more severe underlying condition. But, it should be treated because the rough hands are unsightly and, which is even more important, the excessive dryness can cause the skin to crack on the weakest places, and then, the unexpected bleeding occurs. And, when there is bleeding, the logical risk factors are the possible infectious processes and the possible unwanted consequences, such as, for example, the painful and the burning sensation of the skin of the hands.

How to deal with this problem?

First of all, one should stay away from the mentioned possible provokers of this skin condition, in order to prevent the more serious problems, if the skin is already dry and rough. On the contrary, one should provide enough moisture and necessary nutrients to the skin, whenever it is possible. But, just enough moisture is the key, since too much washing and the dry soaps can have the opposite effect, as already explained. It is even recommendable to wash only the palms and to do that with a soap which is based on a cream. After every exposure of the skin to the water, it is important to put the beneficial cream over the skin, in order to lock up the moisture and provide enough nourishment to it.

Of course, the treatment should be based on the natural homemade remedies. For instance, the most beneficial remedies are the oils which should be added to the baths. Also, the petroleum jelly and the cosmetic products that humidify the skin are to be put over the hands and during the night time the hands with the cream should be kept in the gloves. If these fail to heal the skin, the therapy with Hydrocortisone will be prescribed.

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