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Chapped Lips

The following text will be focused on a problem called chapped lips and on its causes. Just as with any other problem, knowing the exact cause will make the treatment less difficult. The treatment can be effective only when we know what causes the problem and we will see what can cause chapped lips. This is a very common problem, which is mostly associated with the wintertime, but the fact is that it can occur during the summer and ever during the whole year. Lack of moisture is one of the most common causes of chapped lips and this problem can expand to the surrounding tissue as well. But some simple remedies can eliminate this benign medical problem. However, the problem may be a bit more serious if you are suffering from chronic chapped lips. If the problem is chronic and the climatic conditions are good, this may be a sign of some health problem. The cause of the problem is very important and you should be familiar with the possible causes so that you can react accordingly.


Chapped lips are cracked and dry lips with a red colored ring located on the lips and the mouth area. This problem may be accompanied by pain as well. Bleeding may occur if the problem is not treated. Climatic conditions are one of the most common causes of the chapped lips. The winter season, specifically when it is windy, dry and cold weather; dry out the skin and lips causing them to be chapped and dry. The chapped lips can occur due to the sun exposure also, but winter is the climatic condition that contributes to the creation of chapped lips. Next very common cause is dehydration, which occurs when we do not drink plenty of fluid. Chapped and dry lips are a symptom of dehydration. Chapped lips may occur due to allergic reaction. Some of the most common such situations are associated with the use of cosmetic products for lips, such as lipsticks. Some of such products advertise that they can even eliminate the chapped lips problem, but in fact, they only make it worse. Deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins can contribute to the development of chapped lips. Vitamins B, B12, C and A are some of the most important vitamins, and their deficiency can develop chapped lips, so try to consume them sufficiently. Spicy food is also one of the possible causes. Smoking can cause cracked and dry lips and turn this problem into chronic one. Also, the use of medications or drugs may lead to the problem in question. For the end, we will advise you not to lick the lips in order to make them moist since the saliva will probably absorb the protective layer on the lips and make them dry. Also we advise people who live in climatic conditions that aid chapped lips to use lip balms in order to avoid the problem.

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