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Hands are probably the body parts that are exposed to most damage. People expose their hands to soaps, detergents, sun radiation, dirt and they use hands when something needs to be lifted or pushed. These are the main reasons why the hands are usually red, dry, cracked and sore. A person may also experience smudging, calluses and corns up. Chapped hands are a specific case. In case of chapped hands there are a couple of reasons that lead to this condition. Irritation and dry climate along with the aging process affect the production of oil and since the oil production is not sufficient the skin of the hands becomes less smooth. However, people need not worry much since there are ways a person can prevent that from happening.

Folk remedies

A person who experiences chapped hands should boil some celery in three cups of water for several minutes. After that, they should be removed and left to cool off. A person should then apply a couple of drops of olive oil and soak the hands for 4 minutes.

Another good remedy is a cup of rolled oats. These oats should be blended until they become fine powder. A person should then add the powder into a bowl and add three tablespoons of honey. The mixture should be then whisked until it becomes a smooth paste. Once it becomes a paste a person should rub the hands with it. After rinsing the hands with cold water a person should apply a cream and then after two minutes he or she should apply more moisturizer again.

An excellent and simple remedy for chapped hands is calendual oil. A person should apply three drops of this oil to the hands twice per day.

Another good remedy is a mixture of cocoa butter, 3 drops of glycerine and honey. The butter should be melted first and when it cools off a person can apply the mixture to the hands. RecommendationsIn order not to get chapped hands a person should avoid constant contact with water since it dries the skin. Strong soaps should also be avoided when a person washes the hands and use mild soaps with some cream included. If the air is dry a person should get a humidifier. A person should apply a cream after every washing in order to prevent the cracking of the skin.Whenever there is a towel a person should use that in order to dry the hands. Hot air hand dryers should be avoided.The hands should be extra protected during the winter. Gloves play an important part during that season. Cotton gloves should be used when a person is performing some house choirs.

These are only some of the recommendations that will help a person maintain the healthy skin of the hands.

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