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Winter is a wonderful season with snow, holidays, parties and fun outdoor activities. Winter, unfortunately, also means dry, chapped skin and other skin issues caused by low temperatures and low humidity, as well as the wind. If a person does not take special care of the skin and hair during winter, they are bound to suffer. The skin, especially on the face and the hands, will become dry, tight, itchy and flaky and the hair will become dull and brittle.

Skin care during winter is not something that takes a lot of time and it does not necessarily cost much. However, it is important to adopt a daily routine consisting of few easy steps. If that routine is followed regularly, dry skin does not have to be a problem during the winter season.

Tips for dry skin during winter

Moisturizing is the basic step in the dry skin care routine. Some people have naturally dry skin and they are well aware of the importance of moisturizing. Those who have normal skin also need to moisturize regularly during winter, otherwise the skin will become dry and chapped.

The face needs a special moisturizer, designed for that specific purpose. There are moisturizing face lotions that are suitable for all skin types and for all ages. There are even special moisturizers for men. Moisturizing should be done in the morning and in the evening, and if the skin is particularly dry, before going out.

The skin of the body should be moisturized with body lotions, preferably with those containing shea butter and similar ingredients.

Hands usually suffer the most from the wind and the cold. They need to be moisturized several times a day and protected with gloves or mittens when spending time outside the house.

Bath products should be mild and soothing. Hot water, even though it feels great in the winter, should be avoided when showering and bathing, because it strips away the moisture and natural oils from the skin.

Dry skin should be exfoliated once or twice per week during all seasons, including the winter. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and promotes regeneration.

Some of the natural oils are perfect for dry skin care during winter. Those are primarily jojoba oil and almond oil. They should always be at hand whenever the skin feels chapped and tight. Olive oil is also very beneficial. Some experts suggest applying olive oil all over the body half an hour before a bath or a shower. The oil will lock the moisture in and it will also provide several important nutrients.

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