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Information on Sore Eyes

Sore eyes are a medical condition referred to as conjunctivitis as well and it can be rather serious in some cases. They can even prevent a person from seeing clearly. Conjunctivitis is actually an eye infection and it affects and irritates the inner eyelids and the outer parts of the eye. The inflammatory condition can spread to the other areas of the eye as well. Red, irritated and itchy eyes are the most common symptoms for all those who suffer from this medical condition.

The illness is contagious so one must be carefully as it can be passed around by direct or indirect contact. A paradoxical condition caused by an absence of tears in most cases triggers excessive tearing but that should not mean anything because one should know that there are actually several different types of tears.

Normal tears whose purpose is to moisturize the eyes contain mucus, water and different types of oils. The heavy tears that get triggered by irritation or a strong emotional experience usually contain just water but there are no lubricants in them which means they actually contribute to the dryness of the eyes.

Certain severe cases of dry eyes may even lead to damage of the eye surface. Lack of moisture is usually indicated by dryness and burning sensations in the eyes. The intensity of blinking increases but the lack of adequate tear production will only make the situation lead to even further irritation.

Causes of Sore Eyes

There are several different factors and medical conditions that can cause the eye soreness. The most common conjunctivitis is the bacterial one in which certain types of bacteria cause the irritation and in some cases even pus discharge. Pink eye is the viral type of conjunctivitis and it can be recognized by very red eyes.

Chemical conjunctivitis is usually caused by certain toxic chemical substances or allergens which contribute to the irritation of the eyes. Medical treatment for the aforementioned medical conditions usually involves the use of ointments or eye drops. The antibiotic medications usually contain active ingredients, such as fusidic acid or chloramphenicol.

These conditions can also be treated using certain simple and inexpensive home remedies. When a person experiences eye soreness triggered by some chemical irritating substances the eyes need to be flushed with clean water as soon as possible. Reproduction of the viruses and inhibition of their growth can be helped by using warm compresses in some cases.

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