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Manifestation and Symptoms of BloodshotEyes

Having constant bloodshot eyes can bequite distracting and worrying. Namely, this usually takes place overthe white part of our eyes and happens due to enlargement of theblood vessels in this area. However, reasons for this can be many,some being temporary and completely benign, others beinglife-threatening and demanding immediate treatment. Therefore, thiscondition is not to be neglected, but rather, as soon as you noticepersistent bloodshot eye situation, you are to seek medical attentionas soon as possible.

This condition can be caused byexcessive straining of the eyes or foreign materials present in thearea. Also, spending time in dry environments can easily lead to eyeirritation and the onset of this problem. Alternatively, you mighthave injured the troublesome eye physically, or have suffered from aside-effect of certain medications. Finally, excessive alcoholconsumption and allergies may lead to bloodshot eyes too.

As for the most common symptoms, apartfrom the obvious redness, the eyes may hurt or produce a burningsensation along with itching. Additionally, the affected eyes mayswell, be dry or be very sensitive to light. All in all, you shouldnot wait for more than 3 days after you experience any of thesesymptoms continually. Rather, you should pay your doctor a visit andseek proper diagnosis and treatment.

The Treatment of Bloodshot Eyes

Before knowing the adequate treatment,the doctor needs to examine your eyes and check your organism for anypossible illnesses related to this problem. Then, after finding theunderlying cause, he/she is to suggest a suitable treatment. Thetreatment itself varies from the cause. Therefore, if you aresuffering from an infection, you will be prescribed someantibacterial eye drops or medications for these purposes. If allergyis behind this ocular complication, you might be given antihistaminemedications etc. Sometimes, all a person needs in order to get rid ofbloodshot eyes is some good rest. Then, your doctor may suggest agood shuteye for the treatment of bloodshot eyes.

As for home treatment, you might placeice wrapped in a piece of cloth over the troublesome area. This willreduce the pain, redness and the swelling. What is more, warmcompress is capable of having the same effect. For treating dry eyes,you might use over-the-counter artificial tears. Saline solution canbe great for disinfecting the eyes. Finally, if you are wearingcontact lenses, make sure you take good care of them and usehigh-quality ones. Also, eat healthy, providing your organism withall the necessary nutrients, keeping you resistant to infections andother problems of this type.

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