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Eye itching and burning sensation affecting this organ are common complaints of people suffering from many different eye conditions. These two characteristics may occur alone or together with many more symptoms and signs. Only after an eye exam as well as additional tests and exams a well experienced ophthalmologist may establish the diagnosis of the underlying condition and prescribe adequate treatment. All people who experience these two symptoms are due to consult their doctors as soon as possible. Only this way potential long-term complications of certain eye diseases may be prevented.Causes of Burning and Itching Eyes

There is a variety of causes and underlying condition all of which are capable to initiate these negative sensations.

Firstly, simple exposure to environmental pollutants such as tobacco smoke, smog and dust may because burning and itching eyes. This is reported to occur in highly sensitive individuals. Furthermore, different irritants are also found in household cleaning solvents (e.g. bleach, soaps, shampoos etc.). Once these harsh chemicals enter the eye, one starts experiencing the previously mentioned symptoms. It is also possible to experience eye irritating due to chlorine found in swimming pools.

Secondly, eye itching and burning are also connected with allergies. The eyes may be sensitive to numerous allergens and once the person is exposed to these, the eyes get inflamed and one starts to complain about all the accompanying symptoms.

Thirdly, any infection of the eye no matter whether it is bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic is associated with eye irritation and both of these symptoms, burning and itching.

Finally, people in whom the eyes do not produce sufficient amount of tears, or tears are adequately produced but they leak down the cheeks instead of being distributed across the eyes frequently complain about itching and burning eyes. Treatment for Burning and Itching Eyes

Treatment is not unique since, as we have already mentioned, there are different underlying causes of both of the unpleasant sensations.

In case one has to deal with burning and itchy sensation due to exposure to irritants, pollutants and other such chemicals, he/she should move away from the source and prevent further contacts with a culprit substance. Similarly people allergic to certain allergens are supposed to avoid these in order to prevent eye irritation. Burning and itchy sensation may be in case of allergies brought under control with antihistamines.

Infection are treated with antibiotics, antiviral drugs, antiparasitic drugs or antifungal medications, depending on the microorganism responsible for an eye infection. People whose eyes are dry may benefit from artificial tears. They sometimes must undergo surgery which corrects eyelids and allows proper distribution of tears across the entire surface of the eyes.

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