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Insomnia during Pregnancy

There are not many woman who do not think that pregnancy is a state of bliss and one of their most memorable and important periods during the lifetime. During these times, a woman will feel many sensations that she would not have a chance to feel otherwise. Some of these sensations are joyful and pleasant, but there are some that cause discomfort, like insomnia. There are several types of insomnia and statistics say that 75% of women experience a kind of insomnia during pregnancy. Several different culprits can take the blame for this problem and maybe the biggest one is hormonal imbalance. To this main cause we can add panic, which is induced by the responsibilities that come with parenthood and the total change of your life, and anxiety. Also, your body will suffer some changes and you may have some issues while adjusting to its new shape, and insomnia problems may originate from this as well.


Consultation with the doctor is advised if you are having insomnia issues during pregnancy. There are so many side effects associated with medicines, and doctors tend to avoid giving them for insomnia during pregnancy. Some are strong enough to cause very serious side effects and maybe addiction. There are natural solutions but some alterations in your lifestyle will have to take place as well. We have to point that some natural remedies are basically harmless and mild, but they can also be very strong. Both natural and medical treatments require prior consultation with the doctor, so do not start any treatment unless your doctor approves it. Some tricks can help you go to sleep faster and some of them include foot massage, scented candles and warm shower. These should help you to fall asleep.

Also, you can play some pleasant music or some music that reminds of a past pleasant memory. Some alterations in your diet will have to take place along with the introduction of exercise plan. In combination with the tips provided earlier, this will provide great results. Going to bed hungry is much better than eating before the bedtime. Exercising must be included in your daily routine, so we advise a walk, which will benefit you and your baby. You should not disregard the insomnia problems and wait until your pregnancy ends so that insomnia is eliminated, because it will be. You may suffer from concentration problems, irritation and many other problems if you do not treat insomnia. You can see that this may be even more important when a woman is pregnant, so if you are having insomnia problems, visit a doctor.

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