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Looking good is important to every woman and rarely thischanges in pregnancy. Or at least it should be as significant as it was beforethe time hormones took the better of a woman.

Women may feel as if they are losing control over theirown bodies while being pregnant. Hormonal changes happening during that time maymake everyone experience new feelings and sensations. Sometimes it may behard to get out of bed because of the “morning” sickness that lasted the whole dayor several days. Looking into the mirror might not be the most pleasant sightof yourself you have ever seen. The hair, the skin and, most of all, the body are going through some drastic changes and you should get adjusted to thesefacts.

Be Healthy and Beautiful while Pregnant

During pregnancy is not the time to neglect yourself. Embrace theidea that you have a child in the womb and that’s something that should becelebrated. Enjoy the pregnancy and try to take care of your body, because youare as much important as the child you are carrying is. Happiness is somewhatcontagious. There are some studies showing that if the mother is happy, thechild will also be happier and, not less important, healthier. It is more likelythat your child will be more active and agreeable if you are happy. Nursing momsfeeling good about themselves and the world around them tend to have betterquality milk for their children. Maintaining health and beauty in pregnancy isone of the easiest ways to get rid of the negativity.

Consult your doctor about the diet appropriate for your currentcondition. All pregnant women have individual needs and if there is something yourfriend used to like while being pregnant it might not be suitable for you. So, visityour doctor and talk to him about your specific diet requirements, vitamins andsupplements and also about skin care. Don’t take any drugs in this conditionwithout prior consultation with the doctor, because many medications may beharmful for an unborn child.

Light physical activity is beneficial and it will prevent gaining excess weight. Doctors advise that the weight in pregnancy should not get over 15to 20 pounds on top of your normal weight.

Rest and sleep sufficiently. If you don’t sleep enough atnight, take a nap during the day.

Take care of yourself and feel beautiful at all times,including the pregnancy. There is no need to hide the fact you are bearing achild, so wear the clothes that reveal this fact and enjoy every moment of it.

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