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There is a huge effort of medical professionals to prepare a woman for a healthy pregnancy as well as to maintain a healthy pregnancy. It is essential for each woman to be healthy prior the pregnancy since this makes maintaining of her health during pregnancy much easier.

By taking prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant a woman can successfully prepare her body for the baby. Once the pregnancy occurs she continues taking vitamins during pregnancy. These supplements are essential for proper growth and development of her baby.

Prior taking prenatal vitamins a woman is due to consult her doctor. He/ she will choose the most optimal prenatal vitamin. Majority of prenatal vitamins contain three essential ingredients, iron, folic acid and calcium.

There are many foods which can provide with optimal intake of all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary for a woman to get pregnant. They are found in milk and dairy products, fruits, vegetables, legumes and meat. Even if a woman consumes the previously mentioned foods on a daily bases she may need prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are also necessary for all women suffering from certain health issues such as blood disorders, chronic illnesses etc and are trying to conceive.

What are Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins before Pregnancy?

Each and every woman who is trying to conceive must take proper care of her health. In many cases consultation with a doctor will help a lot. Some women may need to undergo certain routine tests and exams. For example, a complete blood count may point to the presence of anemia which can be only worsen during pregnancy. Such women must be treated prior getting pregnant.

Prenatal vitamins are generally recommended to reduce risks during and after pregnancy. It is confirmed that the neural tube defects occur within 28 days of conception. Only after this period most of women realize they are pregnant. Folic acid is essential for proper development of the spinal cord and the brain. This is why sufficient intake of folic acid is recommended even in women who are not pregnant and are planning to conceive in a few months. Calcium is very important for bone tissue of both, the mother and the future baby. And finally, proper intake of iron prevents anemia which tends to affect many pregnant women.

Are There Any Side Effects of Prenatal Vitamins before Pregnancy?

Prenatal vitamins have certain side effects. The most common are gastrointestinal problems such as metallic taste, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, indigestion, intestinal cramps, constipation and diarrhea. Additional side effects include fatigue, muscle aches and pains and insomnia.

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