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The following text will focus on the problem of taking cough syrup during the pregnancy, since the many medical problems may arise due to the intake of medicines during this period. Problems may affect the mother and the baby as well. Diet and use of medications are something that mothers need to be very careful with during the pregnancy. The bloodstream will receive everything that the mother consumes and it will also get to the baby, because the blood of the mother reaches the blood of a child by placenta. Every nutrient and harmful material gets to the baby in this way. Medications can deliver something the baby cannot be affected with, so the use of medications should be extremely rigorous. Precautionary measures are the best way of preventing medical problems. But problems will happen and most will be minor, like cold and cough, and we will see how pregnant woman can use cough syrup safely.

Medications and Pregnancy

Use of medications is a dangerous thing in the pregnancy period, so mothers should never be self-medicated. This can turn out to be lethal. Although there are some harmful medications, we have to mention that safe medications are also present. However, we will focus on the more harmful ones, which can be fatal if taken during the first trimester or which may lead to birth defects. The problem will be developed in the nervous system if medications are taken during the second trimester. Breathing problems will experience newborns if their mothers have used unsafe medications during the third trimester. The use of medications can lead to bleeding induced labor and the problems that can be caused in this way can very easily be fatal. So it can be difficult for a mother do decide which medication is best and safe for the problems such as cough.

Cough Drops and Pregnancy

This is a minor problem that can be a bit more serious if it is present during pregnancy and it can even lead to induced labor or miscarriage. Use medications only if you have to and you should always check the ingredients list. If guaifenesin or dextromethorphan are present in the cough syrup, the syrup is safe, but if phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine is present, these drops and considered unsafe for a pregnant women. The last two have been marked as safe, but some problems with placenta have been noted due to their effect. They led to improper blood flow, which is a side effect associated with cough syrup during the pregnancy. A medication with codeine or iodine needs to be avoided always. We recommend using ginger juice and honey as a good remedy for the cough, or you can try inhalation. See a doctor if pain, fever or other symptoms are present as well. Be careful when taking medications during pregnancy and check with your doctor before you start using them.

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