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Finger Pain during PregnancyCharacteristics

Pregnancy is always considered to bethe most beautiful and blessed state a woman's body can take.Carrying a new life inside of your own body will continue to be themost perfect characteristic of the human kind. Nevertheless, withpregnancy come many small, but annoying health problems every womanin this state has to endure. Namely, taking into consideration thatwomen, while they are pregnant, experience a great imbalance in theirhormonal levels, along with the fact that their bodies are undergoingserious changes, it is only natural that all these changes are going tocause some problems. A complication which more than 50% of women tendto experience is pain in their fingers.

This pain is, in most cases, caused bya condition named the carpal tunnel syndrome. This phenomenoninvolves one's joints in wrists being swollen due to the increase of thebody weight and the general swelling pregnant women are bound toexperience. All these factors trigger this; in this case, temporalcondition which may last for several months after the baby was born.Women with carpal tunnel syndrome are bound to experience the pinsand needles sensation in their fingers, tingling and burning aroundtheir thumbs, index fingers, middle fingers and the area around thetip of the ring finger. They might notice that their hand grip ismuch weaker and the very pain may evolve onto the forearms.Gradually, they might completely lose sensation in their palms andfinger joints; due to the numbness they can start feeling.

Why Does This Happen?

As it was mentioned above, when apregnant woman undergoes bodily changes which make some parts of herbody, including wrists and ankles, swell, this applies pressure uponthe areas, leading to all the other symptoms since all the nerves inthe carpal tunnel get pressed and thus affected, triggering all ofthe symptoms of this syndrome.

How Can It Be Treated?

If the pain starts increasing while youare sleeping, as it does with many women, try and change yourposition until you manage to reduce the pain and irritation. Thus,try not to sleep on your sides since, this way; you are prone topressuring your hands and wrists, triggering the worsening of thesymptoms. Moreover, when you are sitting and resting, make sure yourarms are elevated. This may be done by placing them somewhere high,like on the top of the sofa's back etc. Also, be careful when you areusing your affected limbs. Do not expose them to too much physicalstress since this may cause things to get worse. Nevertheless, onceyou experience numbness, you are advised to flex your fingers andwrists until you revoke proper sensations again. If any problemsprevail or become too hard for you to bear, seek medical assistance.

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