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Treadmills have been around for quite some time and many people praise these exercising machines for their effectiveness, abundance of workout modes and gadgets as well as innovative and attractive designs. All the factors provide the owner of a device of this type with excellent cardio workouts whenever he/she sees fit. Nevertheless, treadmill exercising may become boring at some points. Then, you will need to spice things up a bit in order to enjoy your trainings and get the most out of them too.

Fat Burning Treadmill Characteristics

Today's treadmills come with special fat burning zone workout modes. Basically, these preprogrammed options and features modify your trainings by changing the intensity, the speed, the incline and many other factors, allowing you to lose fat quickly or at a slow pace. Slow-rate exercises burn about 60% of fat and 40% of glucose altogether while higher speed trainings are bound to be less effective helping you get rid of 30% of fat and 70% of glucose. Furthermore, the productiveness of a treadmill workout may vary from one individual to another since we all have different fat compositions in the body.

The Workout

The first variant you may try lasts for 10 minutes. You may start with jogging for about a minute. This evolves into walking for a minute facing a bit of an inclination. The next minute you have to jog at a medium pace without inclination, followed by a minute of sprinting without inclination. Next, starts jogging again and after a minute of this action you start with side shuffles with one of your legs for a minute and swap the legs for the second minute. Then, for the same amount of time, walk and increase the incline to the 2nd level. After this is over, return to no inclination and sprint, jogging for the last 30 seconds of your workout, before resting by walking at a slow pace.


On the other hand, if you desire to boost your strength on the treadmill, you can adjust it to a speed of about 1mph and perform side-stepping. This is performed by holding the console with your right hand, turning onto the left side so that your shoulders are confronting the side of the device. Then, as the belt moves to the left, you will have to side step to the right for 30 seconds, followed by a cool down 30 second session.

Lunges and Squats on Treadmill

Lunges are a great treadmill exercise too, performed by letting your feet move back as you hold on to the handle. Then, move one of the legs forward as much as you can, standing back up. Alternate the legs later.

Alternatively, on the static parts of the treadmill, you can perform squats. However, keep in mind that you need to warm your body up before doing any of these exercises and that you need to adjust the speed so that it is optimal for your purposes.

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