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Treadmill or Elliptical?

Since most of us have no time to visitthe gym regularly, we usually purchase an exercise device and use itfor getting that necessary cardio workout we need several times a dayin order to keep our body fit and our organism healthy.

However, once we decide to buy thesedevices, we face a quandary. Namely, the choice of the best possibleexercise device comes down to two machines, elliptical and treadmill.

Thus, we are left wondering which oneis better since they both can provide one with excellent results. Forthis purpose, a test was done, comparing the two machines in manydifferent aspects and choosing, thereby, the best one for you.

Before we even start, we have tomention that elliptical machines are becoming more and more populardue to the fact that they have a much lower impact on one's jointsand are much safer for a prolonged exercising schedule. However,treadmills are excellent as well and that is why these have stayed onthe market for so long.

Treadmill vs Elliptical, the Battle

Speaking about the calories burnt byeach of these devices, we are close to a draw. Interestingly, eventhough the exercise methods have differences, the results are almostthe same, at least when it comes to calories burn.

The treadmill machine is excellentsince it provides you safe ground for your running or walkingsessions. Of course, jogging is included. Either way, here, you havemodifiable settings and resistance, as well as incline. Thus, you canmake yourself lose as much calories as you want through combining theintensity with the difficulty and speed you are willing to takeduring your exercises.

On the other hand, an ellipticaltrainer is excellent due to the safety factors, providing minimalimpact, again with modifiable settings and exercise methods. The mainadvantage of elliptical machines is that they involve your upper bodyas well. Namely, by holding on to the handles, you are exercisingyour upper body along with your legs. This makes you burn morecalories and fat.

Final summation: it is a draw. Both ofthese are excellent devices for your daily exercise routine. However,pick elliptical over treadmill device, if you are a senior or havecertain joint or muscle problems, since it is much safer. Otherwise,when you follow a good workout schedule, both of these can get youwhere you want to be.

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