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If one experiences pain in the shoulder when he/she, for example, stretches or moves the arms, in most cases, it is the sign that the muscles in the shoulder or in the nearby area are strained. Shoulder muscle strain is something that those people who go to a gym are well familiar with since the prime cause for its occurrence is the overstretching of the shoulder muscles while lifting weights, for instance. When the muscle in the shoulder is strained, it can cause some temporary problems or a permanent damage.

Types of muscle strain in shoulder

According to the place where it occurs, there are four types of shoulder muscle sprain: deltoid muscle strain, upper back strain, clavicle muscle swelling and rotator cuff tear.

The deltoid muscle is the large muscle, which is found on top of the shoulder and if it gets strained, the person experiences severe pain when trying to raise the arms. Upper back strain refers to the strained muscles between the shoulder blades, which usually occurs when one holds the arms in the raised position for a considerable length of time. Clavicle muscle swelling refers to the swelling of the collarbone, while rotator cuff tear refers to the strain or tear of the muscles in the rotator cuff.

Causes of muscle strain in shoulder

The muscles in the shoulder may be easily stretched while performing any daily activity with a violent force. Heavy lifting, as well as any sport activity, may also be responsible for the occurrence of muscle strain in the shoulder. In mild cases of muscle strain, the fibers of the muscles are not torn and the person has strength to perform any activity. On the other hand, in severe cases, the fibers of the muscles are torn and the person may feel severe pain while using the muscles of the shoulder. Muscle strain in the shoulder may also be caused by slouching, which is why many people who are used to bad posture usually suffer from shoulder muscle strain.

Symptoms of muscle strain in shoulder

Muscle strain in the shoulder is not difficult to detect since it has its well recognizable signs. The pain in the muscles of the shoulder, as well as the tenderness and inflammation of these muscles are most common signs of this condition. Other possible symptoms of shoulder muscle strain include muscle stiffness and bruising of muscles, as well as loss of flexibility.

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