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Physical education is a course that is normally taken during either primary and secondary school education. This class exists in order to encourage psychomotor learning. This form of exercise regime has five major components; cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. This type of class has been changing and developing greatly in recent times.

A wider variety of activities have been introduced in recent times, including exercises such as walking, hiking, frisbee, and bowling. The idea behind this class is to develop habits that will carry over into adulthood. In some cases, stress reduction techniques like yoga have also been introduced into physical education.

Physical education
In many cases, non traditional sports have been introduced to students, with the aim of helping students to become educated about different cultures. One such example of this is the use of the sport of lacrosse, through which students can learn about Native American culture. Ths is a great way to integrate academic concepts with physical education.
Many different approaches have also been taken with regard to creating new models for physical education classes. These models generally focus on introducing variation into a student's physical education regime. For example, a student might undertake kickboxing on a Monday, yoga on Tuesday, and aerobics on a Wednesday. The aim with this is to provide high intensity exercise, whilst also introducing fun and long lasting forms of exercise. Students can also partake in models such as those focused on Sports Education. With this model, a student might adopt the role of, for example, a sporting referee, coach, or reporter. This aims to develop other kinds of skills in conjunction with the physical education.
Another change that is being introduced is the inclusion of health and nutrition alongside physical education classes. It is now a requirement for schools using federal funding to develop programs that provide education that focuses on nutrition and well being. Often, physical education teachers incorporate short health and nutrition classes into their normal curriculum. This is particularly important when it comes to those attending elementary school. It is now common for school districts to encourage mandatory learning with regard to good hygiene and other health related topics. Many physical education teachers are now certified when it comes to the teaching of health. In fact, it is now common for educating bodies to offer Health and Physical Education as part of the same degree.

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