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Philadelphia is one of the few places in the world when one may not only get a good massage but also get a comprehensive study of healing-arts, including the massage. The National Massage Therapy Institute, situated in Philadelphia, offers various licensing programs and a unique opportunity to go from massage therapy to massage therapist. The high quality education offers unique courses especially designed to meet the needs of all students. All of the classes are facilitated by educated, professional teachers and certified practitioners with the goal to provide students with a scientific foundation and skills needed in their future practice. Here is a quick review of massage therapy programs offered in Philadelphia.
Massage therapy program
This program provides the student with knowledge and information that will be useful not only in hospitals but also in beauty salons and spas. Whoever becomes certified in this program will have literally numerous professional possibilities, since good massage therapists are now needed almost everywhere. The program teaches about Swedish massage and neuromuscular therapy, combined with business and ethical practices. Following this program, a student will qualify to sit for the National Certification exam in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. The program is highly flexible and some of the students complete it in less than eight months. It is a great option for many health-related professionals willing to expand their level of expertise.
Sports massage and muscle performance therapy
This course is actually a specialization available after completing the core massage therapy program. It is a 90-hour module that truly provides a student with a competitive advantage over other candidates when applying for jobs in sports and rehabilitation centers. This type of massage is essential for professional or college sports teams, in fitness centers, in rehabilitation centers and with physical therapy. It is a great way to prevent or cure a sports injury and dramatically improve athletic performance.
Prenatal, infant and geriatric massage
This is another specialization program available after the core massage program. It also requires additional 90 hours of training. After completing this course, students will learn everything that it takes to provide a special care for the pregnant women, their babies and elderly population. This course is highly rewarding since providing care to these special groups becomes increasingly important. Job opportunities for massage therapists skilled in prenatal, infant and geriatric massage are open in hospitals, physical therapy centers, chiropractor’s offices, senior communities, and doctor’s offices.
All of the students certified in massage therapy will also have the opportunity to start their own private practice.

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