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Toxic Black Mole Syndrome

Toxic black mole is a type of fungus. Places rich in moisture are excellent for multiplication of toxic black mole. It can be found on roofs, bathrooms with insufficient ventilation and so on. Prolonged exposure to toxic black mole leads to inhalation of its spores which may eventually lead to serious health problems. Stachybotrys is only one type of the black mold.

Toxic black mole syndrome is an illness which affects people who are exposed to toxic black mold for longer period of time. This syndrome may even develop if a person is shortly exposed to large quantity of mold.

Symptoms of Toxic Black Mold

The symptoms of toxic black mold can resemble symptoms of a variety of medical conditions and this is what can confuse doctors while trying to establish the correct diagnosis. The intensity of toxic mold syndrome symptoms ranges from mild to severe ones. The allergic reaction to toxic black mold is caused by mycotoxins produced by the very mold.

The symptoms of toxic black mold syndrome may include exhaustion and unexplained tiredness, sore throat, sinus infection and headache. In severe cases the patient may complain about nose bleeding. In some cases cough can occur suddenly or a patient may experience shortness of breath.

Abdominal symptoms include pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, and in serious cases rectal bleeding.

The skin may be covered in rash and patient can complain about sudden loss of hair.

Mental changes include suddenly loss of memory, general problems with mental health and anxiety. Patient's mood is unstable and changes a lot.

And finally, in some cases the pain affects the entire body or a patient complains about pain which is located to hands and feet and the feeling of numbness.

In extremely rare and rather severe cases, one may suffer from neurological disorders or even die. Some people believe that chronic exposure to toxic black mold may be a predisposing factor to certain cancers.

Toxic Black Mold Syndrome Prevention

The best way to avoid exposure is to get rid of the mold. Regular cleaning will help in its eradication and this particularly refers to moisture places. Dehumidifiers and exhaust fans are excellent at preventing the growth of toxic back mold.

Additionally, people can prevent themselves with increased intake of potassium and calcium. These minerals help the body to boost the immune system against mold. Doctors recommend detoxification of the body. If patients develop serious symptoms of toxic black mold syndrome the doctor may prescribe antihistamines.

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