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Toxic black mold is a slimy dark green, almost black, substance known as Strachybotrys chartarum and more often as Strachybotrys atra. The molds are especially dangerous and toxigenic as they produce mycotoxins, hazardous to human and animal health. However, most of them are not so dangerous, and the mold is normally all around us - in the air and on many surfaces. Strachybotrys chatranum, produces trichothecene mycotoxins, including satratoxins, which are responsible for most of the allergic reactions in humans. Moreover, it is estimated that nearly all cases of chronic sinus infections, somewhere around 37 million only in the United States, are due to molds. The molds are also associated with tripling the incidence of asthma in general population.

Black mold removal

The removal of black mold is something that everybody can do all alone. However, there are many mold inspectors, specialized in removing black mold. Mold inspectors are the best possible solution if one cannot see the mold in the house, but one suspects it is there, by smelling it.

Mold inspector will use professional methods to investigate mold and reasons for their growth. The surface mold is quite easy to remove and one can do it without a professional help. If the mold is not visible or if the problem is much larger, one may need professional help.If one decides to remove mold without professional help, it is most important to get well prepared. One will need proper protection for the eyes, and a surgical mask to prevent breathing in the black mold. The protective gloves are also necessary, and if they rip in the process of cleaning, one should replace them instantly.

It is very important to avoid using bleach. Many people make this mistake and provoke even bigger problems. Bleach only makes the black mold no longer appear black. It only masks the problem and the mold keeps growing undetected. The process becomes uncontrolled and one will eventually need professional help to get rid of it completely.

There are a lot of mold cleaners available on the market. All of them are different. One should try a couple of them before hiring professionals. The safest method is, of course, to hire a professional from the start, as their work is guaranteed. Steps to reduce mold growth

To reduce mold growth from the environment one should eliminate sources of dampness in the basements, use a dehumidifier, use an air conditioner with HEPA filters, change filters on the furnace, make sure all bathrooms are properly ventilated, clean the bathroom and basement surfaces on a regular basis, promote groundwater drainage and keep organic plant containers clean and dry.

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