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A Common Home Intruder

Mold is present in many homes people live in, due to the numerous different factors. Outdoor climate, indoor water or excessive moisture may all give way to these tiny fungi which may therefore inhabit your home or dwelling as well. Moreover, by breathing these microorganisms often, you let them inside your system. Subsequently, unless you go out on a fresh air often and are healthy overall, you might develop some health complications and your well-being may be affected as well. Therefore, it is important to know how to notice the presence of mold in your dwelling and to do away with it timely and effectively.

Signs of Mold Presence

First and foremost, there is the odor. Mold infected households have a specific smell of being too moist and damp. Therefore, whenever you smell this, know that there is a high likelihood that mold will be present there as well, since these environments fit them best. Additionally, you might experience trouble breathing in such places. This is because the mold spores will be entering your organism through the air you breathe. Furthermore, when exposed to mold, you might cough, have a runny nose, or develop some kind of an allergic reaction. Headaches and fevers are possible too.

Additional Characteristics of Mold

Mold is often likely to grow on spoiled food. Thereby, you may easily find them upon rotten vegetables, meat, bread, cheese and other types of food. Do not eat moldy food since you might jeopardize your health by doing so.

Even though mold is considered dangerous, it will not affect a healthy person significantly. Upon inhaling the spores, you will eject them once you expose yourself to fresh air since oxygen will speed up your blood circulation making it easier for your organism to get rid of the fungal intruders.

However, for those suffering from asthma, sinus problems, or some other, similar conditions, mold exposure can be much more serious, causing attacks, breathing difficulties and other complications. In the long run, mold exposure may even trigger some serious illnesses indirectly. For all these reasons, and many more, it is best to keep mold away from you and your family.

Means of Mold Prevention

Search and inspect all the moist parts of your home, as well as all those with increased humidity. Bathroom is the most common breeding ground, so, once you notice something black appearing on your tiles, bath tub, shower or similar places, wipe it off with water, soap and detergent. If you notice some symptoms of mold presence affecting you, but are unable to locate the mold itself, seek professional assistance. Mold may be resting inside your walls, under your carpet or it might be hidden somewhere else. Upon being destroyed, your problems will disappear as well.

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