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A Toxic Danger Lurking in Your House

Many people take mold for granted.However, once it is present in your home, it can be quite dangerousfor your health, especially for the health of your children, sincetheir immune systems are not strong enough to fight against all theproblems these fungi may cause. Being fungi, these organisms prefermoist and humid places such as bathrooms and similar locations.However, if the conditions are right they might be found in carpets,walls, ceilings or even air conditioners. One of the worst typesof mold you can end up with is the black mold. This type is the mostdangerous due to the spores this fungus produces. Namely, its sporesare toxic and, upon inhaling them, the poison may get to yourorganism and cause numerous problems. Also, the same thing can happenif the toxins get in contact with any wounds you might have. For allthese reasons, and many more, it is best to get rid of the black moldas soon as you notice it in your house.

What Can Black Mold Cause?

As mentioned above, children are thegroup most likely to experience some serious allergic reactions uponcontacting the black mold spores. Also, pregnant women and infantsbelong to the same group, due to their low immunities.

Some of the main manifestations ofhaving black mold spores in your organism are skin problems likeallergies, redness, itchiness, bumps etc. If the exposure continues,the respiratory system start experiencing problems like coughing,sneezing, breathing difficulties or even the development of chronicasthma. Many allergies which firstly appear upon contacting blackmold, may stay with you for life.

Some more serious reactions involvevomiting, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and fever, as well as many otherfits of this type. Children may develop diarrhea as well, along withsome eye problems manifesting through irritation, itching, redness,watery eyes, and blurred vision.

The worst case scenarios may result insome neurological disorders, memory loss and troubles withremembering things, accompanied by blood in one's cough, along withthe loss of appetite and body weight. Final stages of black moldexposure result in permanent neurological damage, blindness, braindamage and death.

To conclude, upon noticing black moldin your house, remove it as soon as possible and prevent it fromreleasing spores which you and your child may inhale and potentiallyget sick from. In case you notice some of the above mentionedsymptoms in your child, seek medical attention and a properdiagnosis. Also, look for this type of mold in some secluded, darkand humid places in your house, once you decide to make sure you haveremoved every last part of this troublesome fungus.

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