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Have you just done your pregnancy test and discovered that the symptoms you had were not a product of your wild imagination? Or are you still waiting and hoping? Early pregnancy brings a myriad of physical changes with it, and this is a list of the Top Ten most obvious very early pregnancy symptoms.

1) Feeling so tired that you can hardly get up. Fatigue is one of the hardest early pregnancy symptoms to cope with, but it is no wonder that you are so tired your body is working over hours trying to sustain the new life inside you! There is no point trying to fight being tired. For once in your life, use the opportunity to allow yourself to be pampered. You need it!

2) "Morning sickness", pregnancy sickness, or just plain nausea and vomiting. Some women really do experience this only in the morning, but pregnancy sickness can turn up at any time of the day and night. Some women only feel sick but do not throw up. Some throw up very rarely, and others have to vomit ten times a day. If you are among them, make sure that you drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

3) Having to pee all the time. This may be one of the first signs of pregnancy. Because your uterus has expanded, you'll have to go to the rest room much more frequently than before.

4) Mood swings, and being overly emotional. If you find yourself crying because your usual parking space has been taken, or because your co-worker has been so kind to bring you a cup of tea, it's time to take a pregnancy test!

5) Changes in cervical mucus. An increase, to be more precise. After you conceived, cervical mucus tends to be thick and white.

6) A more sensitive sense of smell and taste. Especially when it comes to foods you have developed an aversion to.

7) Skin blemishes, or a suddenly glowing skin. Hormonal changes often impact the skin, as seen when you get your period. Pregnancy is no different. Have you notice a sudden break out? It could be your period, but it could just as easily be a pregnancy symptom.

8) Headaches. These crop up often in early pregnancy, and once again, the huge hormonal changes your body is going through are responsible for for them.

9) Dizziness, and feeling like you might faint. These are normal pregnancy symptoms, but if you actually do faint, let your doctor know as soon as possible.

10) Tender breasts. Most women have experienced tender breasts before or during their menstrual flow, so this might not be a clear-cut pregnancy symptom for you. Tender breasts tend to stay with you during the whole pregnancy to a lesser or larger degree, and if your tender breasts don't go away, and you don't get a period, then the chances are you are pregnant! Congratulations!

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