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We've all been guilty of obsessing over every single little twitch and cramp, and analyzing every physical and emotional change, while trying to get pregnant. Even those who say they are just taking it easy do this I challenge you to admit it! After all, these little signs and symptoms are the only way to give you a clue you might be pregnant before your period is due. What are the real early pregnancy symptoms, and which are just fruits of our fertile imaginations? That can be difficult to know for sure, because early pregnancy symptoms are often very similar to those of the onset of menstruation. Here is my Top Five of early pregnancy symptoms:

A little voice in your brain telling you I am sure it happened this month, I just know! . This is something that happens to many women before their period is due, and even immediately after conception. The trick is fine-tuning your intuition so you recognize the difference between I really hope I am pregnant and I know I am pregnant . Not the easiest thing in the world, I know! Implantation bleeding. This is light spotting that happens to around a third of women, when the fertilized egg implants into the lining of the uterus after ovulation. It happened to me with one of my pregnancies, and was definitely a sure clue we hit the baby jackpot that month. Morning sickness can start before your period is due, and hanging over the toilet bowl vomiting is something that cannot easily be confused with menstrual symptoms. If you are nauseous or vomiting, you are very likely to be pregnant. Extreme tiredness is a symptom nearly every pregnant woman experiences during early pregnancy, starting from conception and often lasting the entire first trimester, because your body has to work very hard to support the growing embryo. I m not talking about a little tired - early pregnancy can have you wish you could stay in bed, all day long. An extra sensitive nose. Perhaps you can smell a fish from miles away, and it is making you feel nauseous, or you just love the smell at the petrol station (not kidding, this happened to me!). These are pregnancy symptoms, believe it or not.

There are other early pregnancy symptoms too like cramping, tender breasts and mood swings, but they are easily confused with symptoms of menstruation, so they don t give you a definite clue. If you have any questions, or want to tell us about another early pregnancy symptom, we d love to hear from you!

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