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Have you been charting to conceive, and observing your basal body temperature (BBT), as well as changes in your cervical mucus throughout your cycle? Then the chances are that you are a real pro when it comes to cervical mucus, and you know exactly what fertile mucus looks like, and how your cervical mucus changes when you are no longer ovulating.

I bet you are curious about the changes of your cervical mucus during early pregnancy, right? Who said anything about a home-pregnancy test? Can you determine pregnancy just on the basis of your cervical mucus? As you will know if you are a faithful observer of your own cervical mucus, your typical, run of the mill post-ovulation mucus is thick and sticky, and not thin and transparent like it is during your most fertile days. While mucus is thin, stretchy, and egg-white like, it changes into a more thicker and sticky substance later on. During early pregnancy, your cervical mucus is likely to remain the same as it is during your luteal phase.

Could you say that changes in your cervical mucus are not really a reliable way of determining pregnancy, as you will not notice any significant changes in comparison to the second half of your menstrual cycle? In a way, yes. But don't forget this cervical mucus will keep going, instead of your menstruation. Therefore, the presence of cervical mucus and the lack of your period indicate that you might just have conceived this month! As always, a pregnancy test will give you conclusive evidence that you are expecting a baby! As your pregnancy goes on, the high levels of estrogen in your body will contribute to seeing more cervical mucus, that's white and creamy. Many women notice this typically "pregnant cervical mucus" only later on during their second or third trimesters, but it's certainly possible for this so called leukorrhea to turn up during the early months as well.

Of course, you'll have much more to go on than cervical mucus alone if you are indeed expecting a baby. Besides these changes and of course the absence of your menstrual period, you will also have other typical early pregnancy signs and symptoms like morning sickness, tender breasts, and fatigue to give you some information. Have you noticed any changes on your cervical mucus during early pregnancy? Do you have any interesting facts to share about your cervical mucus during the whole of your pregnancy? Was your cervical mucus one of the first early pregnancy signs you noticed? We'd love to hear from you, as always!

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