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Have you been trying to conceive your first baby? If you have been at it for more than one cycle, you know exactly what I am talking about when I mention the torturous two-week wait , in which you doubtlessly pay attention to every little change in your body, and everything that could be a possible symptom of early pregnancy. If you are feeling abdominal pressure and cramping, you are surely wondering if these are very early pregnancy symptoms. Abdominal pressure and slight bloating is a symptom that you could be experiencing as soon as a week after ovulation, as a fertilized egg is implanting itself into the lining of the uterus. It could even be slightly painful, and cause a blunt, stabbing feeling in your abdomen. Likewise, cramping can start as soon as a fertilized egg has implanted and your pregnancy is in is earliest stages. Not every woman feels cramping in early pregnancy, but cramps are a very common early pregnancy symptom. These cramps are caused by changes in the uterus, and hormonal fluctuations. Both abdominal pressure and cramping send a woman mixed signals, because they are also associated with the onset of menstrual flow. Unfortunately the fact that many women experience both these symptoms on a monthly basis, as they are expecting their periods.

Abdominal pressure and cramping can therefore never be taken as a conclusive indication that you are pregnant. But the chances are that you will have other symptoms if you have indeed conceived. Other signs to watch out for include nausea and vomiting, frequent urinating, and headaches. Extreme fatigue is another very common early pregnancy symptom. If you have a strong suspicion that your baby-making efforts paid off this month, there are always early pregnancy tests which you could start using as early as a week before your period is due. Early pregnancy tests are not always accurate, but can help you pass that notorious two-week wait a little more quickly!

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