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What are some of the most common symptoms first-trimester moms experience? You might notice these symptoms throughout the first trimester, and perhaps even before your period was due.

A bloated or tender abdomen

A bloated and tender abdomen is a common early pregnancy symptom. What causes abdominal bloating? It's not your growing baby, but the pregnancy hormone progesterone.

Pregnancy nausea and/or vomiting

Morning sickness, feeling nauseous or vomiting, is one of the most published pregnancy symptoms. It affects three fourths of all pregnant women. Sudden nausea is a tell-tale pregnancy sign.

Aversion to certain foods, drinks, or smells

Have you developed sudden aversions to foods and drinks that you used to love? Have you excluded Starbucks from your morning routine because you can't stand coffee anymore? Do you have trouble visiting your local farmers' market, or can't stand being in your own office, because of the smells? You are not alone. Sudden aversions to foods, drinks, and smells can definitely signal a pregnancy.

Extreme fatigue, and low energy

Are you having difficulty getting through the day? Progesterone, along with pregnancy symptoms like frequent urination during the night, and morning sickness, can cause extreme tiredness during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Anemia can also contribute to fatigue. Often, the only "cure" for this symptom of pregnancy is time. After your first trimester has passed, you will likely be back to your old self.

Sore and tender breasts

Breast changes are common in early pregnancy as well as before menstruation. Sore and tender breasts are caused by a surge in hormones estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin. Because painful breasts can be a symptom of the onset of your period as well, this can be difficult to identify as a pregnancy sign, unless you have other symptoms as well.

An increase in the frequency of urination

When you get pregnant, the blood flow in your body increases dramatically. Because of this, more fluids also get processed by your kidneys, and you will notice a boost in the frequency of urination. A need to pee more often is totally normal in pregnancy, especially at night. Thankfully, there are some steps you can undertake to alleviate this pregnancy sign.

Still wondering about some of the symptoms you have? The first trimester sure does a lot of things to your body! If the pregnancy sign you're looking for isn't here, be sure to check out First Trimester Pregnancy Signs part 3.

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