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Some women are trying to get pregnant and want to know if they have succeeded even before the missed period. Surely, missed period is one of the most precise signs of pregnancy. However, if you desire to rest assured that everything is surely getting to that point, there are specific signs and changes which a female body undergoes even before a woman misses her period.

Signs of Pregnancy

Firstly, if you have tracked your menstrual cycles well, you can track the abnormalities in the onsets of symptoms of the menstrual cycle itself. If you know when you ovulated and you know that you might have conceived at this time, tracking can reveal the spotting that occurs about 10 days after the conception, caused by the fertilized egg implanting in your uterus.

Hormonal changes in the body can trigger many other signs which can signify pregnancy. If you find strange breakouts on your skin and you are usually not prone to these, consider this as a sign. Also, tenderness and bloating add on to the list of possible symptoms of pregnancy.

Generally, stop for a moment and listen to your body. Think about whether everything is happening in a regular manner, or you are feeling strange in any kind of way. Once you notice all of these tiny, but significant, symptoms, you can purchase a pregnancy test and know for sure what to expect.

Other Early Signs of Pregnancy

Another trademark of pregnancy is frequent urination. This takes place due to hormonal changes triggered by the very pregnancy. Also, if your body temperature is elevated even if you are not ill, you might be pregnant. Hormonal changes during early pregnancy may take their toll on your strength and you might be feeling tired often, being sleepy most of the time. If your exercising, orgasms or sudden movements lead to cramps, this can be yet another sign of early pregnancy.

Finally, you may be suffering from nausea often, have tender breasts with darker nipple areas of become constipated. All these signs can tell you that you are waiting for a baby.

If some or all of these start affecting you, there is a great chance that you will be missing your period and then you will be completely sure that you are pregnant. All in all, there are dozens of possible signs for you to look for. So, feel free to explore your body and listen to it, because there might just be another life waiting for you to find it in there.

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