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Each and every woman experiences pregnancy differently. It is safe to say that no two pregnancies are the same, even in the same woman! Yet, there is a set of symptoms that are clearly linked to very early pregnancy. Knowing what they are could help you if you have no had your period yet and are wondering whether you could have conceived, or if you already know you are pregnant and want to know if your symptoms are normal.

A lack of menstruation

A missed period is an early pregnancy symptom that is often cited. If your menstruation does not show up when you are expecting it to, it is definitely time for a pregnancy test. However, I would like to note that there are other possible causes of missed periods besides pregnancy, and also that not so rarely even pregnant women have brown discharge.


Pregnancy sickness is normal and healthy during early pregnancy. Some studies even indicate that those women who vomit during the first trimester have a lower chance of miscarriage. If you are one of those lucky women who is not sick, don't worry though, and be grateful. It does happen.


Are you wondering why you are having trouble making it through the day? Have you been trying to pull yourself together, with no luck? Tiredness is an extremely common early pregnancy symptom I have never met anyone who was not wishing that could hibernate during those early weeks!

Emotional changes

I remember actually crying when a co-worker phoned me to say that he had taken home a handbag I had forgotten at the office, to keep it safe. The following day I took a pregnancy test and guess what it was positive! If you are having unexplained emotional episodes, ask yourself if pregnancy could be the culprit.

Heightened sense of smell and taste

Something about the hormonal changes that come with early pregnancy leave women with a super-natural ability to smell and taste things. Some people say that this is to keep the embryo safe from spoilt foods and other substances that could harm it. Whatever the case, your nose could be one of the first body parts to send you a message that you have hit the baby-making jackpot!

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