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The following lines will be dedicated to the procedure of placing dental implants. Many dental problems are treated with this procedure, which is done more than the dentures, since they last longer, they are more convenient and they look much better. But a lot of people are not familiar with the procedure of dental implants so in the following lines, we will explain what this procedure involves.

Consultation with the Dentist

The dental condition will have to be assessed by the dentist before the dental implant procedure. Once you visit the dentist, you will be asked about your medical history, medications in use and your present medical conditions. The dentist will have to asses if you are a good candidate for this procedure, and this can only be done after the checkup and an interview. There are several types of approaches and procedures for dentist to choose from. So in order to find the best for you, the dentist will have to be familiar with your health, dental conditions and level of fitness. The jaw conditions will determine which implants will be used for the procedure, since there are several types of implants. Also, antibiotics or bone grafting may be needed before the dental implant procedure.

Inserting the Implants

The procedure starts with this step. The jawbones will merge well with the implants due to the titanium used for their manufacture. But in some cases, the jaw rejects the implants so know that this can occur. People who have insufficient jawbones will have to undergo bone grafting before the placement of implants. The gums are then opened and your jawbone will be drilled but you will not feel any pain because anesthesia will be administered. Then the implants are placed and the gum opening will be stitched. This would conclude the first step. The second step will come after several months in order for the bone to heal and the implant to merge with the jaw. Even six months may take before this occurs.

Placing of The Post and Crown Placement

Once the healing period ends, the artificial tooth or the crown will be attached to the post and held down. The gums will have to be open up again in order to make the attachment of the implant and the post. After this, the healing period of few weeks will come again. Then comes the placement of the crown, but the dentist will have to make the impression of the teeth in order to do this. The crown, which looks like a tooth and has the same color, is put on the post. This procedure is complex for some, while it is simple for others, but no matter what your case is, you have to find a qualified dentist who will perform this procedure.

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