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Bone Grafting

Most people are not sure what dental implants are all about so they opt for the dentures. One of the things that will determine which of these two options for replacing missing tooth will be done is the health of the bone where implants will be placed. Implants will have to be placed correctly and with support, so if you had a tooth extracted, gum disease or erosion due to an infection, the jawbone will have to be buildup in order for the implants to be placed. This procedure will take place in the dentist's office, but it will require some time. There are two options, artificial and the autogenous (own body's bone) bone, your dentist can choose between. Bone grafting can also be done with cow bone. The reason for doing this is the growth of the new bone, which will thus be stimulated. But the bone growth will not be stimulated by the synthetic material although it will secure the implant.


The first method of bone grafting we will mention is the block bone grafting. This method involves the use of a bone from the patient's body, usually from a chin or a hip. This bone will be placed in the area where the tooth has been and the bone growth will be stimulated. In order for the bone to heal, time from 3 to 6 months will be needed. The bone that will be used for this procedure will have to be performed by an orthopedic surgeon in a hospital and then the bone will be given to the dentist. When the bone is taken from the cadavers, this is called allograft bone. Bone banks keep a close eye on this. These bones are used for many dental and medical procedures and they have no disease that can be transferred. Xenograft, or the animal bone, is mostly used for the trans-species transplanting. But know that reaction may occur if you undergo a procedure with xenograft or allograft bone due to the foreign substance they will present in the human body. The goal of every method of bone graft is the bone growth. The area where the implant will be placed is where the bone will be placed and this will trigger healing of the bone, resulting in a good and solid jawbone in which implants may be placed. Barrier membrane can be placed for the growth of the bone to occur for sure. It is placed on the dental implant bone, and it will place the growing tissue in the place where it should be. The jaw will have to be separated in order for the implants to be placed and the dentist will use expansion tools to do this. There is another option and that’s placing of the implant at the opening, which is done if the strength of the bone is sufficient.

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