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A persons weight should be kept in the normal range to avoid the medical problems associated with being overweight. Heart problems are the most dangerous ones, but there are also diabetes and problems with increased cholesterol and fats in the bloodstream. Also, the overall amount of energy is greatly reduced because of the increased weight (simply put, more energy is needed for moving a heavier body).


There are couple of things that should be done in order to reduce the excessive weight and eliminate the risk of some medical issues. Dieting and exercising are two basic methods. The use of certain supplements is also suggested, anything that can help with elimination of excessive fat tissue is welcomed. There are also other, less common methods. Colon cleansing is one of those and there is also fasting, although fasting can be considered as a type of dieting.


In many parts of the world, fasting has a religious aspect and it is mostly based on avoiding all foods that come from animals (meat, milk, dairy products etc). This could be regarded as a diet based on reducing the value of proteins and fats. Even though mostly carbs are included, it is not a diet until the total energy value inserted with food is less than actually needed. That is why many people who fast sometimes actually gain weight, instead of losing or maintaining it.

But there is also juice fasting for weight loss, which proved to be very effective when it comes to reducing weight. There are several types of diets that use vitamin juices for both - detox and fat loss. One of the more interesting juices is the one that combines maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water. This is an elixir used by some celebrities and that is how it became very popular across the globe. That specific juice, and all others, must contain as many vitamins and minerals as possible. This diet is done with juice only, so it is essential to insert vitamins and minerals in adequate amounts, as much as the body needs.

The problem with fasting and dieting generally is that the lost pounds might return easily. This is because the main problem is in the minds of people. Dieting will reduce some weight, but to keep that new weight, bad eating habits have to be eliminated and that is the main problem. Until that is solved, no diet or physical activity can be effective, in a long run.

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