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Tongue Piercing Facts

Tongue piercing has become one of themost desired types of body piercing nowadays. Extraordinary andoriginal, the process of having your tongue pierced by a piece ofjewelry you will later have on it is a desire of many young and notso young people. However, our tongue is one of the most sensitiveparts of our body. As such, it can easily get infected, especially ifthere is a piercing running through it, creating a wound that neverheals. Thus, you need to know how to take good care of your piercingand keep it clean and healthy. After all, it is better to be safethan sorry once your whole tongue and your overall health getjeopardized by your poor piercing hygiene.

How to Take Care of Your TonguePiercing

Before you have your tongue pierced,you need to find the right place to do it. This being said, you needa professional piercing parlor where experienced and hygienicallyaware personnel works. The whole piercing process, once doneproperly, should not be overly painful since your tongue is a musclewhich can be pierced easily. However, the piece of jewelry needs tobe clean and made of proper materials. Once you get your tonguepierced, you will get a longer barbell through it. Yet, after severaldays, when the swelling stops and your tongue gets used to this newpart of your body, you will get a more suitable piece of jewelry.

Be aware of the fact that once you haveyour tongue pierced you are to live on a liquid diet for about twoweeks. During this healing period, you are advised to use specialmouthwashes prescribed by the piercing expert. Do not overuse it andfollow the recovery routine religiously.

Make sure you wash your hands beforehandling the piercing and do not touch it unless you have to. Also,use saline solution to clean the piercing once in the morning andonce before bed time. If you suffer from tongue swelling during thisperiod, you might consume some cold liquids for calming the swellingdown. When on this liquid diet, drink natural fruit juices, whileavoiding chocolate and similar ones. Also, no tongue kissing, oralsex, smoking or swimming during this period. Removal of the barbellor moving in any way is out of the question too. Be careful evenafter the healing period ends since the actual healing lasts quitelonger, even for several months. All in all, you should always takegood care of your tongue piercing in order to enjoy it safely.

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