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Tongue Piercing

Piercings have become and are becoming more and more popular every year. While these were merely taboos twenty years ago, nowadays, they are becoming trends and even marks of natural beauty and aesthetics. Nevertheless, no matter how much one wants to have a part of his or her body pierced, he or she has pain and possible complications in mind at all times. Pain is truly one of the main issues to be resolved before paying the piercing parlor a visit. Moreover, if your tongue is the place you are keen on putting a piece of jewelry through, there are numerous painful facts you must bear in mind. Tongue piercings are the type most prone to infections and complications. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most radical and innovative type of piercing around, making many interested in it. Therefore, if pain or complications are the things bothering you, read on and find possible answers to your fears and worries before deciding to either indulge in this endeavor, or choose something else instead.

Characteristics of Tongue Piercing

As far as pain is concerned, there are a few things to worry about. Firstly, one needs to bear in mind the fact that we all have different levels of pain toleration. Therefore, what is painful for some, might be ridiculous for others etc. Consequently, having you tongue pierced may both hurt you or hurt you not, depending on you as an individual.

Regardless, there are more of those who experienced pain while having their tongue pierced than those who did not. Since tongue is a muscle, piercing it is much different than piercing the pure flesh on the lower part of your ear. So, it will, most certainly, hurt more than having your ear pierced. Further on, people who have their tongues pierced claim that this pain is very specific, and very strong at the same time. Dizziness has also been mentioned as a possible side-effect of this action, along with bleeding. Finally, any lack of adequate hygiene may lead to infections since you are not allowed to eat nothing but fluid meals for a couple of days.

Furthermore, the total recovery period lasts for about six weeks. Then, you may not kiss, must be extremely careful about what and how you eat and pay special attention to cleaning the piercing and taking care of it. It is extremely important to follow through with all the hygiene instructions and pieces of advice the piercing expert gives you. Regular rinsing and mouthwash usage are a must, since this part of one's body can get infected very easily, making pain the least of one's problems.

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