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Introduction to bellybutton piercing healing

It can take anywhere from in between six months and a year for a bellybutton piercing to properly heal completely.

However, it the proper care is taken, it can heal faster than that.

Bellybutton piercing has become one of the most popular forms of piercing in the world recently, especially among women. In this procedure, the top flab of the navel is pierced and a decoration of some sorts, usually a ring, is inserted in the newly-pierced hole.

The piercing is usually done with a barbell, which is then worn until it has healed completely.

Just like any other type of piercing on any part of the body, it is very possible that the bellybutton piercing can become infected if the person does not take proper care of it.

In these cases, the infection can also result in the rejection or migration of the piercing as well.

Naturally, it is easy to minimize the risk of such things happening if a person takes proper care of the piercing.

Healing stages

There are a number of healing stages that can be observed after the bellybutton has been pierced.

In the initial stages, there will be redness usually in the first couple days after the initial piercing.

The area will be red and tender. There is also the possibility of swelling in these first stages as well.

These signs are all normal. Another sign, that should not worry people, is a white or yellow colored discharge, which is another sign that everything is healing up. A scab will probably form in the area after several days.

Once the scab falls apart, there will be new skin underneath it, which will also be tender and lighter in color than the rest of the skin in the area.

If there is increased pain as time goes by, along with more redness and further discharge after the initial stages, then it could be a sign of infection and a person is recommended to visit the doctor immediately in order to treat it.

Speeding up the process

There are several steps that can be taken in order to speed up the healing process, however.

It is important to clean the area regularly, at least twice a day. A person should however avoid cleaning too much because that can also cause irritation.

It is also important to keep the hands clean while cleaning the bellybutton in order to avoid irritation and infection.

The best way to clean it is with a cotton ball and some water. Once the crust is removed, the person should apply a good amount of antibacterial soap to the site of the piercing and work the soap around he piercing and jewelry.

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