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Decoration of the human body dates back to the ancient timesand ever since people have experimented with various ways of enhancing one’svisual appeal. Through the years of experimentation, people have stumbled uponbody piercing.

The least controversial one is of course ear piercing and afterthat follows nose piercing, mostly common in female persons. Like all types ofbody piercing, nose piercing can sometimes cause an infection, so everyone whointents the pierce the nose should be aware of that fact. The infection can beprevented really easily and even if it occurs, its treatment is not complicatedat all.

Nose piercing can be harmful, but if it is done properly bya trained professional there is no need to worry. Sometimes after the piercinghas been done, a bump resembling a keloid can get developed, but those arereally easy to treat and if a person takes all the necessary precautions thereshould be no problems at all.

The infection is usually associated with people’sallergic reactions to certain types of metal that the jewelry is made of orwith people sharing their jewelry. One should always avoid getting a piercingin the rainy season because it takes longer for the skin to heal.

The risk ofstaph infection gets increased if the piercing is performed by a gun, so oneshould always get the piercing done by a needle. It is preferable to wear anose ring or a gold stud during the first month and it should be change onlyafter the wound has healed completely.

The symptoms of a nose piercing infection are characterizedby unusual redness and soreness around the pierced area which usually getsfollowed by swelling. Pain is also common for this condition, and in some casesone may experience bleeding or a pus-like discharge from the wound. Thetreatment for the infection is fairly similar and it can be done at home, butsevere cases require immediate medical attention.

One should always make sure that the metal that jeweler hasbeen made of suits the skin and does not trigger any allergic reactions.Touching the infected area with dirty hands must be avoided. One should keepthe piercing clean and apply an antiseptic ointment to the wound. Gradual movementof the piercing on a weekly basis will help with the healing process but oneshould be careful while wiping the face with a towel. Alcohol based cosmeticsshould be avoided and the scab must not be removed so that the healing process is not interfered with.

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