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Tragus is the name of the small,cartilage part of our ear, located just outside the ear canal. Due toa great craze about piercings nowadays, more and more people arechoosing unique and innovative places of their body which they canpierce and satisfy their need from this kind of innovative fashion.Nevertheless, often, some of these pierced body parts are reallysensitive and, once neglected, can easily get infected causing manyproblems, some more serious than the others. Tragus is no exception.Even though getting it pierced is not that painful, due to the factthat there are not many nervous endings in this area, the hard andthick cartilage, being hard to get pierced, may easily be piercedwrongly, giving way to many complications afterwards. Most commonly,people with tragus piercings suffer from an infection of this area.Therefore, it is very important to know how to take good care of thispiercing spot and prevent any problems from occurring. Also, iftroubles do take place, you are to know how to deal with them.

What Can Cause a Tragus Infection?

There are many different causes oftragus infection. The main one is neglect. Once you haveyour tragus pierced, you are to apply saline solution onto the area2-3 times a day, until the end of the recovery period. Furthermore,you should continue keeping your tragus clean even after this period.Many people refuse to get bothered with these steps and, in 99% ofthe cases, end up with an infection. Moreover, wrong type of jewelrymay lead to problems of this kind too. Titanium or platinum are thebest materials, everything else may trigger infections. Finally,having an unskilled person pierce your tragus is bound to give riseto complications, sooner or later.

Manifestations and Treatment of TragusInfection

Once the damage has been done, you arelikely to experience pain and irritation, with a possibility ofswelling in the pierced area. If this does not subside after therecovery period, an infection is imminent. After a while, theinfected piercing wound may produce discharge in the form of pus,smelling badly and being green or yellow colored.

If you do not know what to do, onceyour piercing gets infected, consult your piercing practitioner. Donot try to remove the piece of jewelry, since this might close thewound, spreading the infection throughout your body. Clean thepiercing spot with saline solution and seek help either from a doctoror from a piercing expert. They might prescribe you some antibioticswhich can help you fight the infection. Do not touch the piercing,keep it clean at all times and be careful with it. This will removeany chances of infections in the first place.

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