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Toe Pain in General

We use our feet for walking. During this movement process, our feet are supposed to absorb all the force and impact we place upon them. Quite often, this can lead to many different health problems, affecting many different parts of our foot, since there are numerous bones and ligaments, as well as joints found in this area. However, the remainder of this article will focus on giving more information on the topic of painful toe, trying to explain the possible causes, manifestations and treatments related to this uncomfortable problem.

Reasons behind Toe Pain

Since different toes can be hurt every time you experience toe pain, especially while you are not even walking, you need to analyze this problem of yours and find out what is causing it exactly. So, if the pain troubles you while you are sleeping, you need to stand up, take a few barefoot steps and find out which toe is causing the problem. So, the first thing you need to do, when experiencing toe pain is pinpointing the sensation and the troubling factor itself.

Once analyzing, you should first look for corns, since these are one of the most common causes of toe pain, created by wearing ill fitted footwear for a prolonged number of time. These are hardened parts of your skin, created due to frequent friction with a shoe. Usually painful, these growths have a core which is very hard and presses on the nerves, amplifying the discomfort. Thus, if you find corn on your feet, remove it by changing your footwear to some more comfortable and better fitting one.

Next, look for discolorations. Mainly, this stands for redness, which can take place due to an ingrown nails which may cause toe swelling and pain as well. Nerve damage is also an option to take into consideration.

Sometimes, toe pain may be caused by a physical injury which triggered dislocation or simply pain. Toe bones may be broken and any physical injury can make the toe misaligned. In these toe pain cases, it is best to seek medical assistance, since your doctor can put your toe in a correct position, this resulting in a fast recovery and the decrease of pain.

If one has experienced may different toe injuries in the past, there is a high likelihood that a degenerative arthritis may take place. This phenomenon causes pain in the toe area, even spreading to the lower back area.

Finally, the last of the prime suspects, possibly responsible for toe pain is gout. This condition manifests through excessive presence of uric acid crystals in our joints. This process leads to inflammation and serious pain, usually affecting the big toe.

All in all, different causes ask for different treatment and, with all these causes of toe pain in your mind, it is best to seek medical assistance as soon as you start being bothered by these issues.

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