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Facts about Toe Corn

Toe corn is a common condition relatedto our toes, usually appearing due to our improper footwear. It manifests through the appearance of hard skin parts on a toe, mainlyon parts which are in direct contact with the shoe. There are twotypes of this problem, soft toe corn and hard toe corn. As the namesthemselves suggest, there are cases when toe corn appears on theouter sides of a toe, being hard and stiff, and cases when thiscondition emerges between the toes, being soft and caused by bonedeformities in the toes. Either way, toe corns can be quiteuncomfortable and painful and should be treated as soon as possiblesince any prolongation may lead to an increase of all the problemsconnected to these phenomena.

How Can One Get Rid of Toe Corns?

Since toe corn is nothing more than aheap of dead skin which became hard in time, due to constant exposureto friction while we are wearing shoes which do not fit usadequately, the treatment is not complicated, in most cases. Thereare numerous over-the-counter solutions which can be used for thesepurposes and can do away with toe corn easily and effectively. Youmay opt for lotions, creams, pads, plasters and many other products.All of them are based on the salicylic acid capable of dissolving thehard skin layers, causing them to be soft. Then, all you need to dois remove hard skin layers and the toe corn will be gone or reduced,resulting in pain cessation.

However, people with diabetes, bunionsor some other health issues should not try and deal with toe corns ontheir own. Rather, they should consult with their doctors and gethelp from a specialist who will either remove outer layers of thecorn by performing a small operation, or suggest other, better,treatments if they are necessary, depending on the other factorsinvolved.

Home Remedies for Toe Corns

As mentioned above, all you need to dois make your dead skin soft and Removable. For these purposes youmight soak your feet in warm water to which you have previously added Epsom salt. Keep them soaked for about 20 minutes, take them out,wash them with cold water and, finally, try to remove the corn byusing pumice stone, applying gentle friction.

Another excellent remedy is lemonjuice. This method involves your wrapping a slice of lemon withoutseeds around your toe and leaving it there overnight. In the morning,if the whole procedure is carried out well, you will be able toremove the troublesome corn with no special effort.

Finally, applying a layer of a pastemade of turmeric powder and honey for a couple of days may removeyour toe corn too.

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