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Foot Pain and Its Causes

Numerous different things can standbehind the pain in foot or feet. First of all, the reason forthe pain may stem from a direct injury one has experiencedbeforehand. This involves physically hitting one's foot or injuringit in any other way. Also, overstraining may cause foot trauma.Namely, by excessive indulgence into physical activity, one may riskinjuring the tendons and ligaments located in or connected to his orher feet, thus causing pain and discomfort. Muscle injury belongs tothis category as well.

A direct injury caused by getting hitin the foot or stepped on it may result in numerous pain-inflictingproblems. Firstly, one's food may experience muscle, ligament ortendon injury. However, bones may get fractured this way as well.Bruising appears as a regular side-effect of foot injury. Therefore,athletes, whose sports involve foot contact or excessive foot and legusage, might suffer either from the injuries delivered from overuse,or from those delivered by direct blows. Apart from the parts of thefoot mentioned above, their toenails might get injured, causing themto change color or even fall out. Finally, repeated traumas inflictedupon a certain bone in one's foot may cause the bone itself todevelop further and become bigger. All these situations are bound tobe painful, to say the least.

Poor shoe quality or inadequatefootwear in general, add on to the list of possible foot pain causes.Blisters, bruising, pain and irritation are just the least of one'sconcerns in this respect. Serious cases of problems provoked byinadequate footwear include development of infections andinflammations caused by numerous viral, fungal or bacterialactivities in foot skin, joints or tissue.

Besides the above mentioned, numerousdiseases may directly cause foot pain as well. Diabetes, athlete'sfoot, gout and many others all have foot pain as their trademarks.Finally, ingrown toenails may lead way to pain, irritation andpossible toenail infection.

For all the causes mentioned above,pain is the best indicator. Therefore, pain means instant need ofmedical attention.

Other Useful Facts

While weakness in joint movements anddifficulties in foot movement in general are all causes of a muscleinjury, swelling, and discoloration often accompany an injury causedby overstraining. On the other hand, bruises or wounds of any sortsall indicate an injury caused by a direct blow inflicted upon foot. Also, a burning sensation often means blisters while painfulitching serves as a trademark of an infection.

Therefore, in order to prevent furtherdamage from taking place, one is to seek medical assistance as soonas he or she experiences pain in the foot as well as any othersymptoms mentioned above.

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