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A lot of people experience the sudden pain and involuntary contraction caused by the so-called leg and feet muscle cramps. They can occur in the calf or in the toe, and can last from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes. You should take care of your legs and feet and visit a doctor if you experience toe cramps every now and then.


There are several causes of toe cramps and each one of them requires the appropriate treatment. The most common reason of toe cramps is wearing uncomfortable footwear, particularly, wearing high heels or tight shoes can be responsible. Lack of calcium and liquids like water, juice and milk can be responsible for having cramps in a leg or toe. You shouldn’t overuse or over train your leg muscles if you are playing some sports or just doing regular exercises, as it can result in toe cramps. More causes of toe cramps include side effects of certain medications, stress and any kind of a strain of the muscle due to the mountain climbing, excessive walking or swimming. In case you don`t walk and exercise much, you can experience toe cramps at night. The additional weight of the baby during pregnancy can also be one of the causes in pregnant women. Reducing the intake of alcohol and quitting smoking can prevent you from experiencing toe cramps. More causes are responsible for toe cramps and they include various nerve disorders, low or high potassium or sodium levels, which result in changed levels of salt, injuries to foot or leg, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and flat feet.


There are appropriate treatments depending on the cause of toe cramps. In case you experience toe cramps due to the uncomfortable footwear, you should replace them with more appropriate one. It is important that your toes have enough room in the shoes and avoid wearing high heels every day. In order to prevent or get rid of toe cramps, just take off your shoes and stretch your feet, since this will improve the blood circulation in your feet. Some of the home remedies for toe cramps include massages with essential oils, acupressure and applying the ice pack to the toe. You need to drink around two liters of water per day to avoid dehydration, which can lead to toe cramps. You should definitely increase the intake of foods that are rich in calcium and they include salmons, fruits, cheese, and milk etc. But it is very important to take the foods that are rich in potassium and vitamin C as well. And remember to rest your feet as much as you can and whenever you can.

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