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Titanium is a material that has recently become very popular in jewelry-making, because it is inert and very resistant. It can easily be colored in any given shade and nuance and for that reason it is widely used for manufacturing piercing jewelry. In addition, titanium is compatible with the human body and it is the material least likely to cause allergies and adverse reactions. It is not random that various medical implants are made of titanium.

Why titanium is suitable for bracelets

Not only that, jewelry, especially bracelets, made of titanium, are becoming more and more popular among those who want to reap health benefits through alternative medicine. There are many companies that manufacture and sell magnetic stainless titanium bracelets and the business seems to be expanding very quickly. There are high-end, designer titanium bracelets, kids bracelets, promise bracelets, even those with football or baseball emblems on them. Bracelets for women are usually more delicate and intricate, sometimes with gems on them, while those for men are chunkier and more masculine.

With titanium bracelets, a person suffering from certain ailments can enjoy both a fancy accessory and the health benefits it offers.

Health benefits of titanium bracelets

One of the main benefits of titanium bracelets is its ability to capture and transfer oxygen to the body and thus increase oxygen supply. Oxygen is not only vital and essential for the human body and mind, also has the ability to ease the pain and relieve inflammation. Wearing titanium bracelets near inflamed areas, such as wrist joints, reduces the inflammation and consequently relieves the pain.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Titanium bracelets are great for people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. They relieve the pain as they stimulate the nerves towards healing and their magnetic property attracts iron-rich blood cells to the region and improves circulation.

Alternative medicine

In alternative medicine, pain is believed to have negative charge. Titanium bracelets, on the other hand, have a positive charge. The bracelets neutralize the pain as two opposite charges neutralize one another.


Unlike other jewelry, titanium bracelets never cause an allergy or an infection, because this material is highly compatible with the body. The bracelets can be worn in cold and hot weather, in dry or humid environment, without becoming stained or changing color. They can be worn for years causing no problem whatsoever.


Some experts claim that titanium bracelets are a scam and that they have no medicinal property at all. On the other hand, many people have testified that pain and other conditions have subsided after wearing these bracelets. In any case, titanium bracelets are safe and there is no harm in trying them and seeing what happens.

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