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A lot of people probably cannot connectsilver with medicine and are unable to see any possible combinationof the two. Nevertheless, this element has been used in medicinesince the beginning of medicine itself. Mainly because of the attitude listedabove, silver has always been a part of a branch called thealternative medicine. However, its proven power to fight germs andheal damaged tissue makes us wonder if it should perhaps betransferred into a wider, more accepted medical practice. Regardless,one stands amazed before the many wonders silver does to one'shealth.

Claims and Ambiguities

Always being a subject of controversy,silver health treatment is feared never to get accepted in a widermedical use. This is mainly because it is an element found in nature,not a combination of chemicals, synthetic material or anything else.Thus, it cannot be harvested by the pharmaceutical industry andmonopolized in such a field. Therefore, it resides as a meremysterious tool of the alternative medicine, while theories and factsabout its power to heal many viral, fungal and tissue-related healthproblems keep echoing in this air of uncertainty. The mere fact thatthis element might be able to replace many antibiotic medicineseasily makes us realize why pharmaceutic monopolists will never grantany wide-spread use of it. Yet, silver still helps people fightdiseases.

How Does It Work?

The mystery behind medical powers ofsilver lies behind the power of his electron-rid atoms, ions. Thisone-electron scarcity makes this ion available of having a “plusone” electrical charge. The atom area being still a subject ofresearch, we still have a lot to learn about these actions and ourbody's reactions to them. Regardless, many think that this veryfeature stands behind silver's ability to heal us. Unfortunately,this, still early, phase of research makes it impossible to prove andpinpoint the exact healing qualities of this element. This factbackfires on any successful practical use, making it yet only a hopefor the future.

“I'd Rather Be Pretty Than Healthy”

One of the greatest enemies of silveris the side-effect the overdose of it may cause. Namely, excessiveamounts of silver in one's organism is known to cause a certain skinreaction resulting in discoloration. Many people, after hearing this,take silver out of consideration fearing that their outer look may bealtered by it.

In general, most people would rather bepretty than healthy. A large quantity of people does surgeriesharmful for their health and unnatural in the first place, only tolook younger and more beautiful, in terms of current aesthetic valuesof the society. However, when it comes to health, many would refusesilver treatment fearing that they might suffer from this onlyside-effect it has. This acts as an excellent tool for pharmaceuticcompanies and is often the main claim against wider use of silver.

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