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Magnetic therapy is all about magnetic fields being used for making people feel better and relieving them of pain. Magnets used in this therapy have static magnetic fields. These magnets are permanent ones made of metal alloys like nickel, cobalt and iron. Since, in order for the magnet therapy to work, the problematic part of your body needs to get exposed to the magnetic field, these magnets come in many different forms. Namely, some are in the form of a ring, while others may be bracelets, necklaces, bangles etc.

Magnetic therapy has many benefits. In order to learn more about it and the positive changes it can trigger in your body and mind, read on.

A Word or Two about Magnetic Therapy

This ancient form of medicine is rooted in China, India and Egypt. Today, magnetic therapy is considered to be one of the most effective branches of alternative medicine, being practiced all over the world, showing magnificent results.

Some people claim that the success of the magnetic therapy lies behind the power of the magnets to attract the iron from our blood, thereby providing an increased blood flow in the exposed areas. Therefore, once you have a magnet held closely to your skin, it betters the circulation in this part of your body, making your blood deliver more oxygen and other nutrients to the area, healing better and faster.

Another interpretation involves ions. We have both positive and negative charges of electrical energy throughout our body. All the ions carrying these values are in a state of balance. However, when they are not, we suffer from illnesses. Thus, the magnets re-establish this balance, helping us overcome health problems.

Other Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

Apart from treating injuries and relieving people of pain, those who are in favor of magnetic therapy claim that there are many other benefits, all stemming from this medical treatment. The negative field the magnets emit is said to restore the balance of our metabolic processes, renewing our cells, preventing inflammations and infections or treating existing ones.

Magnetic bracelets are said to be excellent for treating arthritis and many other health problems. Magnetic therapy is also known to be a great way of dealing with headaches and migraines, as well as insomnia.

Once a specific magnet is placed upon the head of the sufferer, it makes him/her more relaxed and relieved of any pain, helping him/her to fall asleep and sleep well.

Nevertheless, these benefits have not yet been officially proven, even though they are based on the important amount of scientific studies of magnetic fields and their influence on our body. Thus, before using a magnetic bracelet, or some other item of this type, consult with your doctor.

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